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Cornershop Loyalty App Case Study

Our brief was to develop a digital product that brought retailers, suppliers & consumers together for the first time within the UK convenience sector.

Using our Cornershop Online mobile solution we designed a platform that allows multiple retailers to showcase promotions to their customers. The platform was delivered in the form of a mobile App that is available for download on all major platforms. Suppliers & manufacturers are able to target App users with digital vouchers that can be redeemed in store.


Platform functionality

The consumer facing App is feature rich and provides retailers with access to the latest technologies with no initial outlay & very affordable running costs. Retailers and consumers are able to benefit from the following platform functionality.


Cornershop Online, our cutting edge mobile platform, is multi-tenant. "Software Multitenancy" refers to a software architecture in which a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple stores. Our multi tenant architecture is designed to provide every store a dedicated share of the instance.

Multitenancy provides significant efficiencies particularly for multiple site operators. One of the most compelling reasons to utilise multitenancy is the inherent data aggregation benefits. Instead of collecting data from multiple stores with multiple databases, all data for all customers can be collated in a single database. Thus mining data and looking for customer trends is much easier.

Although all stores that feature on the App share the same infrastructure they have the ability to customise their content & offering to fit their exact requirements.



We used our extensive experience off integrating into back office and EPOS systems to provide retailers registered on the platform, with the opportunity to integrate the platform directly with their in store systems. This allowed retailers to offer basket level loyalty.

Admin Tool & Back end functionality

Retailers registered on the mobile platform were provided with a comprehensive web based back end solution that allowed easy content management and the ability to view reports. 

Retailers are able to edit promotions, create alerts & send push notifications directly from the admin tool.

Retailers with multiple stores are able to access & control their entire estate from a single set of login credentials. The admin tool is accessible via any internet connected device.

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