The UK's first online retail platform for convenience stores Ecommerce Platform - Case Study

The platform is a collaboration between this software house and a group of active retailers. The aim of the platform is to promote digital services to convenience retailers.  The platform allows consumers to shop locally at their convenience and provides our retail partners with the opportunity to take their stores online.

We create hassle-free hosted Cornershop Online sites that are built from the ground up to showcase a local stores product library, however big or small.

The platform is multi tenanted and already features dozens of stores from all over the UK. It is the first digital platform to provide E-commerce services specifically for the convenience sector.



The platform has been designed to meet all the digital needs for a retailer and therefore goes beyond just offering E-commerce centric functionality. Each business registered on the platform benefits from the following functionality.

The platform is built using our own shopping cart which has been designed by us from the ground up. Therefore the platform is completely bespoke and is not reliant on any third party activity. It has an unlimited potential for future development.


The platform is integrated into Brandbank, a world leader in providing rich digital content. Each store featured on the platform is fully EU1169 compliant, as our partnership with Brandbank allows the platform to source imagery and nutritional data for thousands of every day products.


We have integrated into back office and EPOS systems where specifically required by individual retailers. Back end integration has required significant co-ordination with existing POS suppliers.

Admin Tool & Back end functionality

All retailers are provided with access to a comprehensive web based back end solution that provides easy content management and constant access to live orders; pick sheets; current stock levels & instant reporting functionality.






We are experts in getting grocery stores online

Consumers are already shopping online in a multi-channel environment. Increase your revenues and margins by expanding your business beyond its current bricks & mortar limitations.