SimplyFresh Loyalty App

SimplyFresh UK - Case Study

SimplyFresh UK is an upmarket grocery store chain that focuses on local and best of British products anchored by an organic healthy range of food. SimplyFresh briefed us to develop an innovative digital platform that would allow their retailers and chosen suppliers to communicate directly with their end user. 


The SimplyFresh Loyalty App is available on all major App platforms (IOS. Android & Windows). The product is a multi-tenant solution that provides all SimplyFresh stores with a complete digital presence. The solution is unique as each individual SimplyFresh site acts as its own entity that can be fully controlled & customised at store level.



The platform has provided all SimplyFresh retailers with the ability to benefit from the following functionality;

The platform has provided SimplyFresh head office with the following functionality;

Data warehouse

The SimplyFresh mobile platform has the capabiltiy to collect a huge amount of data on customers that shop within SimplyFresh stores. Data collected via the App includes;

SimplyFresh UK are able to use this data to guide management decisions to sustain future growth. Suppliers are also keen to analyse this data as it provides key insights into typical convenience channel customers. The collected data can be used to better target the correct audiences for digital voucher campaigns, which will increase footfall to all SimplyFresh stores.

"Data by itself is useless. Data is only useful if you apply it." Todd Park


The mobile platform is fully integrated with SimplyFresh UK's CPOS system. Customers are able to scan their unique ID at the self checkout machines and at the manned checkouts, this allows the platform to match transactions to individual customers and award points based on the total amount spent. Points earned can be redeemed during checkout and the customers points balance is updated on the App in real time.

Digital vouchers sent directly to a customers device can be scanned at checkout and instantly redeemed.

* CPOS is installed in over 50% of SimplyFresh UK stores. Stores with alternative EPOS systems either only operated Loyalty Scheme 1 or a separate integration process was initiated with their relevant EPOS system provider.

Admin Tool & Back end functionality

The mobile platform was accompanied by a comprehensive web based back end solution that provided easy content management and reporting functionality.


SimplyFresh UK head office have been issued with a number of login credentials with varying degrees of security clearance and system access. This has allowed BDMs to manage only their store estate whereas upper management have access to all stores and can see a birds eye view of all stores. 

SimplyFresh retailers were all provided with their own credentials that could be used to administer their individual store.

Head office are able to make changes at individual store level or across the whole estate at the same time. Digital vouchers & push notifications can also be sent to all App users or custom groups can be targeted via the dashboard.

Results & Performance

Initial results have been very encouraging with high degrees of consumer engagement. 


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