New click & collect solution allows any convenience store in the UK to offer secure online ordering.

Newtelligence & i-movo develop click&collect solution for convenience stores.

Newtelligence Ltd together with our partners at i-movo have developed an end to end click&collect solution targeting convenience stores in the UK. The solution requires no additional hardware so allows retailers to benefit from online sales with no initial set up costs.


The click&collect solution is a mobile app based platform. The App is available in all the major stores (IOS, Android & Windows). The solution allows consumers to place orders directly with their local store and pick up their shopping at a pre arranged time that is convenient.

How does it work?

  1. Consumer downloads the App on their device and places an order directly with their local store. Payment is quickly taken from a pre-registered bank card. *Funds are reserved and not taken at this stage.
  2. Retailer receives a notification informing them of the impending order. Retailer then proceeds to bag the items and once complete is able to update the final value of the order and finalise payment. *Order value may have changed dependent on items being unavailable or having to be substituted.
  3. Consumer receives notification that their order is ready to collect. A unique i-movo voucher is displayed on the App alongside a message telling the consumer that it must be presented to the retailer when collecting the order.
  4. Consumer arrives in store to collect their order. Retailer uses an existing Paypoint; Payzone or Epay terminal to scan the unique i-movo voucher directly from the consumers device.
  5. Once the voucher has been scanned and processed it cannot be used again and is removed automatically from the consumers device. Retailer receives payment for the sale via the relevant prepay network used to scan the voucher (Paypoint; Payzone or Epay). 



Admin Tool & Back end functionality

The mobile platform is accompanied by a web based back end solution that allow easy content management and comprehensive reporting functionality.

Digital vouchers & push notifications can also be sent to all App users or custom groups can be targeted via the dashboard.

Retailers can also control stock, prices and promotions displayed on the App directly via the admin dashboard.

We already have a number of active EPOS integrations with major providers that would allow the platform to maintain correct prices for products automatically.


The platform is perfect for the individual store but at the same time is fully scalable for large groups. So whether you are in charge of one store or thousands contact us now to discuss how you can offer click&collect to your customers.

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